Root Android Phone

Root Android phone quickly with us. No time consuming procedures to follow. Thanks to Kingroot now anyone can root Android phone easily. Earlier days rooting includes expert knowledge and harder procedures to follow. I forgot one thing. You may need a windows PC too and a USB cable to connect your android phone to PC.

Now everything has change. With the evolve of One click root tools rooting is simple as installing a android app. Download kingroot from here and click Try Root button to start rooting process. All you have to do is waiting. Every harder processes are automated. Finally you may get root success message. How fast and quick. No time wasting. Enjoy new ways and methods of doing harder things simply with us.

Advantages of Rooting Android Phone

There are lots of advantages of rooting. Do you know why many Android users around the world want to root their phone. Even though it is risky and void your warranty still people want their phones to be rooted. It is because of new features and advantages.

Main advantage is that you can install custom ROM for free. So you can have latest Android OS before everyone else. Let me explain. ROM is the Android OS. There are two types of ROMs. Customs ROMs and Stock ROMs. Stock ROMs are the default Android OS provided by Manufacture. For example if your phone is SAMSUNG. Stock ROM is provided by SAMSUNG. Even though Android OS is developed by GOOGLE you have to wait till manufacture release the new version for you. Normally manufacture stop providing new versions after 2 or 3 years of phone release date. Only way to get latest Android OS as soon as Google release it by using root access.

Custom ROMs are developed by third parties like Cynogemods. You can download new Android version from them. Normally Custom ROMs have more features than Stock ROMs.

There are lot other advantages like you can block ads for free. No need to pay or buy pro version to remove ads. You know that how annoying when ads popup when using apps and play games. You can remove all of those annoying ads for free using apps like adaway. Adaway require Root access.

You may know that by default Android OS comes with many preinstalled apps. Many of those apps are useless. Those apps take your memory and internet connection too. You can’t even remove them. You can do that easily after rooting android phone. Root android phone will unleash it’s full potential.

Full potential mean you can even overclock process for higher speed and opposite of it to preserve battery life. There are lots of tools that do amazing things after you get root access. Why are you waiting. Root Android now with US.

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