Kingo root free download

Root access is also known as superuser access or su access. Because by default Android system comes with limited functionality. Only root user or super user can use all features and functions built in to Android system. This was done by manufactures in order to keep Android OS stable. With root user or root access you can change anything on phone which may cause phone bricking too. In order to accident bricking root user was hidden from Android users.

You can root root your Android phone or tablet without using a PC. All you have to do is to download kingo root app to you phone and click ROOT NOW button start rooting process. All the harder procedures are automated and all you have to do is waiting. Rooting process will take some time. Be patient. Rooting process may include phone reboots too.

Kingo root free Download

Kingoroot apk

Kingo root apk free download

Advantages of rooting

#1 – Get latest Android OS or update before everyone else

Do you know that you are getting the Android updates from manufacture of the phone after Google released it to their phones like pixel and nexus devices. It may take considerable amount of time to get latest Android. Sometime you may not get it. Because your phone or table does not support new Android update or supporting is ended for your device. It that situations how could you get the latest Android update. Rooting will help you. Stock ROM is the default Android OS given by manufacture. Custom ROM is the Android OS developed by expert developers around the world. Normally you may get best and latest Android update from Custom ROM providers. For example Cynogenmod. Custom ROMS have more features than Stock ROMs

#2 – Boost your phone

You can speed up your phone easily. Apps like Greenify will reqiuire root access can speed up your phone. Greenify will automatically close apps that you does not use in order to free more memory. Due to that you can have increased battery life. You can even overclock processor speed to have more speed.

#3 – Remove all annoying advertisements for free

You may know that there are lots of ads appear when use apps and play games. Sometimes those ads are annoying. In order to remove those ads you may need to pay or buy pro version of the app. With root access you can remove all those ads for free. Apps like adaway can do it for free.

#4 – Remove system apps

By default there are lots of apps come preinstalled. You may know that many of the apps comes preinstall are no use to you. But you can’t even remove them. Those apps utilize your phone memory and internet connection too. With root access you can remove any app easily.

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