Backup Android to PC – Complete free backup and Restore all

When comes to backup Android phone, there are lots of needs. Such as daily backup all your images, videos, contacts and other things to cloud for free. Refer Free Cloud backup android. Some other needs like, you may need instant full backup of your phone in order to do some thing like rooting or you may be sending your phone for repairing. Some times you may had to factory reset or format your device for certain purpose like mentioned above (rooting and etc). So when you do restore phone should be in same condition as previous. I mean all photos, videos, contact, SMS, logs and etc.

How to achieve full complete backup quickly. You may think of installing different software and do they free to use. Don’t worry. No installation required. You can use ADB tool from Android. No installation required. You can backup all your data, settings on your phone to PC using USB cable. Supported by Windows, Linux and MAC. Many backup software does not backup phone settings and App data. As a result when you do restore you may loss your settings and App data. For app you may have fresh installation of the apps.

Backup Android to PC

With Android Debug Tool or commonly known as ADB tool you can have full backup of your android with ease. Everything you many need to know when you backup android to PC.

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