Televizo – IPTV player

Televizo is a IPTV player designed for Android TV boxes, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Devices, offering television viewing experience. This IPTV player support extensive range of features and compatibility with various playlist formats. Below shows some of the notable features of this IPTV app.

Features of Televizo IPTV app

Live Broadcasts

Televizo allows you to access both live broadcasts and archives if provided playlist supports this function. You can enjoy your favorite TV channels in real-time or catch up on missed shows by accessing the archives. This feature ensures that you never miss your desired content and offers flexibility in managing your TV viewing schedule. All live broadcast and archives are nicely arranged so you can easily select and navigate with your TV remote.

Unlimited Playlist and EPG Support

You can add an unlimited number of M3U or Xtream Codes playlists, enabling you to access a wide range of channels and content from different sources. Most IPTV players limit number of playlists to provide premium features.  Additionally, Televizo supports the inclusion of XML EPG, allowing you to have a comprehensive TV guide for easy navigation and program scheduling.

Support for Various Stream Types

This IPTV player supports different streaming protocols such as HLS, UDP, RTMP, and others. This versatility ensures that you can access a wide range of IPTV streams, providing you with a diverse selection of channels and content to explore. You can enjoy high-quality streaming with smooth playback, delivering an immersive TV viewing experience.

Sorting and Searching

Effortlessly navigate through your vast collection of channels and playlists with sorting and searching capabilities. You can organize your channels based on categories, names, or other criteria, making it easy to find your favorite channels or locate specific content. The search function allows you to quickly search for specific channels or programs, saving you time and effort.

Parental Control and Playlist Editing

Set restrictions and protect sensitive content. With the playlist editor, you can manage your playlists effectively, organizing and customizing your channel lineup to suit your preferences. This level of control ensures a safe and tailored TV viewing experience for all users.


Easily mark your favorite channels and access them conveniently. By adding channels to your favorites list, you can quickly access your most-watched content without the need for extensive browsing. This feature simplifies channel navigation and enhances the overall user experience.

Audio Track and Subtitles Selection

Televizo provides flexibility in audio track selection, allowing you to choose the desired language or audio source for your content. Additionally, you can select subtitles from available options, ensuring that you can enjoy content in your preferred language or with enhanced accessibility.

Install Televizo on Android TV

Televizo stands out as an exceptional IPTV player for Android TV, offering a wide range of features to enhance your TV streaming experience. You can use Google play store on your TV to install this app. For TV boxes without play store can use Aptoide TV app store. Click here to download Aptoide TV. Then use this app store to install Televizo app.

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